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Knight Princess Eris
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About Knight Princess Eris

Knight Princess Eris” is an action game with Over 800 pieces of pixel art, a classic retro and smooth pixel art animation.

The kingdom of “Gilthania” was destroyed by the invasion of the demon tribe.

The pursuers are closing in on the exiled princess knight “Eris,” who has escaped alone.

The journey of revenge of the exiled princess knight “Eris”, who escaped alone, now begins here…!

Knight Princess Eris

Game Graphics

The graphics in Knight Princess Eris are truly spectacular. From the vivid and colourful backgrounds to the detailed character designs, you can really get lost in this game’s visuals. The animations are also top-notch, with smooth and realistic movements contributing to the overall gaming experience. The vibrant colours bring life to each scene, making you feel like you’re truly in the game. So if you love eye-catching visuals, Knight Princess Eris is definitely a must-play!

Knight Princess Eris

How to download Knight Princess Eris Mobile for Android

Step 1: Click on the download button to get “Knight Princess Eris“.

Step 2: Click on Install Download File after downloading the file.

Step 3: Complete the installation process by opening the Installer => Allow “Unknown Source” in the settings.

Step 4: The icon appears after it is installed and now Open to enjoy it.